Việt Cầm Dance (a.k.a. Lạc Hồng dance) is a group of semi-professional dancers who are either full-time students or have a full-time job besides dancing. We practice mostly on the weekends. We have performed for live concerts, weddings, anniversaries and music videos within United State, and all around the world (Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Canada…) . We reside in Southern California, USA (around Little Saigon area). Please take a moment to get to know us ! We really appreciate you taking the time to visit our website !


Our Mission

Vietnamese traditional dances have been out of main stream performing art for a long time .If we lived inside Viet Nam, maybe we would not have the urge to go against the wind to care for Vietnamese traditional dances. Luckily, we live in United States, where Vietnamese refugees have been trying to preserve as much Vietnamese culture as possible. That is how we got the encouragement to do what we have been doing. Besides preserving Vietnamese culture through dancing, we also challenge ourselves to develop the old Traditional dance moves into the new beat of the new millennium. We try our best to please all of our audiences regardless of age, gender, or generation. Not only are we trying to survive Vietnamese traditional dances, we want Vietnamese dances become more and more popular internationally. Hopefully, our ambition will lead us in the right direction and will continue to be an inspiration to others.


Company Profile

The Lac Hong Performing Art group (VTADO) was formed in 1988 by former music instructors from the Vietnamese National Conservatory of Music in Saigon (Chau Nguyen, Mai Nguyen) and Vietnamese musicians living in Orange County. The group’s mission is to preserve, develop, and promote Vietnamese traditional music and dance throughout the United States. VTADO has 3 dance groups : Adult group, teenager group and children group. The well-known Dance Master Luu Hong were teaching all three dance groups. In 1998, Choreographer Dinh Luan (a.k.a. Luan Vu) joined VTADO and started taking care of the Adult Dance group (Lac Hong Dance A). Lac Hong Dance started working for Van Son Productions for 9 years and became popular as the first and only semi-professional Vietnamese dance group outside of VietNam. Lac Hong Dance later worked for Asia Productions, Thuy Nga productions, MFC Entertainment, Blue Ocean Music, Do Thanh Productions ..v..v.. Lac Hong Dance has performed in Phillipines, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Canada … and many states in the US. In 2008, in order to have a rehearsal space, Dinh Luan opened a Dance School (Viet Cam Performing Arts) .As the school become more popular, the name of Viet Cam Dance started to replace the name of Lac Hong Dance. The other 2 remain dance groups of VTADO still keep the name Lac Hong Dance. You are visiting Web page of Viet Cam Dance. Việt Cầm is the stage name of Dinh Luan’s Father.


Choreographer & Dance Costume designer

During the fall of Southern Vietnamese Government in April 30/1975, Dinh Luan’s family went to the USA, left Dinh Luan and his older brother in Viet Nam. From 1975 to 1985, Dinh Luan became a dancer and choreographer. In 1985, Dinh Luan and his brother came to the US to reunite with his family in Illinois. After 13 years working for Motorola and other companies in Illinois, Dinh Luan quit the job to come to California (1998). VTADO and Van Son Productions offered him a job to lead him back to Artistic path. In order to build up his dance group, he had to learn to design Costumes for his Dances. He is currently working toward one of his goals : having a Vietnamese Dance Theater in Little Saigon area to provide entertainment for Tourist in Southern California.


Contact Us

Studio Address : 10131 Westminster Avenue, Suite #209, Garden Grove, CA 92843 (inside Saigon Market, 2nd floor)

Mailing Address: 13551 Arizona St #2, Westminster, CA 92683

Contact :    (714) 473 – 9363

E-mail:       vietcam.dance@yahoo.com